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Explore our tailored video content packages offered by the talented students from The Portal at Chapman

University’s prestigious Dodge College of Film & Media Arts. These packages are designed with flexibility to adapt to your unique needs and can be retained for ongoing content creation. Whether you require single projects or continuous video content in both short and long formats, our team is ready to deliver with precision and creativity.

Choose the right package that fits your vision and let our skilled students showcase their talents while enhancing your brand’s storytelling power.


Product :

  • A compelling 2-3 minute video that tells your desired story, including interviews, scenes, and B-roll.

  • Three short-form videos for social media platforms such as Instagram Reels and TikTok.

Production :

  • Single-day shoot with a dedicated crew of 2-5 members including a Producer, Creative Director,

  • Cinematographer, Gaffer, and Sound Mixer.

  • Equipment:

  • One 4K camera

  • One microphone

  • Two lights with necessary grip equipment for interviews

Rough Cut :

  • Available one and a half weeks post-production.



Product :

  • Two detailed 2-3 minute videos capturing your narrative with interviews, scenes, and B-roll.

  • Five short-form social media videos.

Production :

  • 2-3 days of production with a professional crew of 2-5 members.

Equipment :

  • Two 4K cameras

  • One microphone

  • Three lights with appropriate grip and lighting for diverse setups

Rough Cut :

  • First video rough cut available one week post-production.



Product :

  • Three dynamic 2-3 minute videos designed to convey your story, complete with interviews and richly filmed scenes.

  • Eight engaging short-form videos for platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Production :

  • 2-3 days with an expanded crew of 4-6 professionals including key positions such as 1st AC and additional support.

Equipment :

  • Two high-resolution 6K cameras

  • Comprehensive audio setup including one boom and two lavalier microphones

  • Advanced lighting and camera setups to accommodate any scene requirement

Rough Cut :

  • Available for one video one week after production wraps.



Download and fill in our RFP Form, then email it to for more detailed information.

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